Hayden's First Checkup

Yesterday Liz took Hayden to his first checkup. He's doing just fine - he's over his birth weight (7 pounds, 10 ounces) and all is well to this point. The connection from his tounge to the bottom of his mouth is almost to the tip of his tounge, which, if you do a quick check of your own tounge, isn't normal. But I never noticed that; my sister-in-law (who's done a lot of work with developmentally challenged kids) caught that right away. But the pediatrician wasn't worried - he said that the only problem it would lead to is a minor speech impediment, and they can easily correct it by a simple snip-snip procedure that's quick and painless.

I also got to see the hospital bills this week. My, my...if I didn't have insurance, I'd be sunk.

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