Saying Goodbye to HTML+CSS+JavaScript

I've said it many times before. I really don't like web development. HTML sucks. CSS...well, I just don't like it. JavaScript - nice language, but it has a lot kinks. When you tie them all together, it just seems much more painful that it should be.

I'm seriously thinking of making the next version of my web site completely WPF, and only WPF. I'd still have RSS-based feeds for my blog, comments, favorite blog posts, etc. But the site itself would be all WPF-enabled. I know that would limit a bunch of people from seeing my site. I understand that. But I want to have a great web programming experience, and I think WPF may be the key. Maybe not - I don't know. But I'm willing to try something new (and it would give me a good excuse to learn WPF).

* Posted at 02.01.2007 08:16:21 PM CST | Link *

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