Cloning XML Nodes

I've run into a case where I need to copy XML nodes from one document to another. Unfortunately, using Clone() doesn't work as you'll get a System.ArgumentException, but using a combination of InnerXml and OuterXml does the trick. I'm sure this has been figured out by many people before me, but I don't want to forget how I did it, and in case you ever run into it, keep this code in mind:

public void CloneElement()
    XmlDocument sourceDocument = new XmlDocument();
    XmlDocument destinationDocument = new XmlDocument();

        "My inner x text." + 
        "My inner y text." + 

    XmlNode nodeToCopy = sourceDocument.SelectSingleNode(
    XmlNode nodeToAppendTo = destinationDocument.SelectSingleNode(

    nodeToAppendTo.InnerXml = nodeToCopy.OuterXml;

    XmlNode nodeToTest = 
    Assert.IsNotNull(nodeToTest, "The copy did not work.");
    Assert.AreEqual(nodeToTest.InnerText, "My inner x text.", 
        "The inner text is incorrect.");

    XmlNode nodeYToCopy = sourceDocument.SelectSingleNode(

    nodeToAppendTo.InnerXml += nodeYToCopy.OuterXml;

    nodeToTest = 
    Assert.IsNotNull(nodeToTest, "The y copy did not work.");
    Assert.AreEqual(nodeToTest.InnerText, "My inner y text.", 
        "The y inner text is incorrect.");

    nodeToTest = 
    Assert.IsNotNull(nodeToTest, "The x copy was lost.");
    Assert.AreEqual(nodeToTest.InnerText, "My inner x text.", 
        "The x inner text is incorrect.");

This is a NUnit test, which is why the Assert class is present, but you get the idea. There may be better, far superior ways of doing this (and I'm open to suggestions), but at least I know that there's one way to solve the problem.

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