Pete's Statement

I read that Pete is saying "good-bye" to Microsoft. Now, I have to first give thanks to Pete for saying the very nice comments that he did. Actually, seeing his comments were a bit embarrasing, especially since Pete was one of the first people in my life to get me excited about OO in VB. He's making a clean, 100% cut from all Microsoft technologies. In the late 90s, I did a very minor version of this, saying goodbye to VB and going over the Java. That really didn't last that long and I was soon back in the Microsoft world, and frankly, I haven't seen a compelling reason to leave. I see lots of excitement around Linux, Macs, RoR, but I'm also really excited about .NET and its related technologies as well. Pete thinks he's make the right choice and I'm happy for him. We all follow different paths...but in the end they're all based on ones and zeros, so make sure you're having fun on whatever technology path you run on.

* Posted at 09.14.2006 08:24:34 PM CST | Link *

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