IE7 "Site" - Lame!

Check out.


Very, very, lame.

Oooooh...are we making some big political statement about browsers here? No, we're showing that we read /. too much and have nothing better to do but to grab a web site name and put a big link to Firefox. Big f-in deal.


I'm not offended or pissed off - it's just...lame. It's not clever or witty. Frankly, who gives a shit what browser you use? I don't care. I gave up caring about this issue years ago (in fact I gave up caring about a lot of technology issues years ago - life's more fun when you can enjoy the 1s and 0s rather than bitch, whine, and moan about them).

* Posted at 03.09.2006 07:26:18 AM CST | Link *

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