Using the Kindle

I got a Kindle a while back from Magenic as a holiday gift. I haven't used it yet, primarily because I have a massive book collection as it stands. I have literally hundreds, if not thousands, of books that I haven't read (it truly is an addiction of sorts, albeit a good one in my opinion). If Amazon had some kind of magical-like technology where I could "prove" that I had the book and it would auto-magically download that book to my device for free, then I'd really be all over the Kindle. But that doesn't exist, and it probably never will. So for right now, I'm just not going to be using the Kindle as much as others.

That doesn't mean I won't use it. For any new books that I want to read, I'm going to use the Kindle as much as possible. Having a book collection is for all practical purposes kind of useless if all (and I mean all) that information was available digitally. Note that I didn't say "free" - authors need to make money in some way, shape or form and I don't believe that their works should just be available for anyone to read (unless the author produces the work for free). But it should be available so I can take my lightweight device on the plane without getting a backache.

I think the Kindle missed me by 15-20 years. If it came out when I was just developing my book addiction (around 1991) I'd be using it obsessively. I'm definitely going to use it, but I'm not going to rebuy books that I already have to read it on the device either.

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