ExceptionFinder, Opcodes, and Exceptions

It's funny how things sometimes work together...

One of the things I demonstrate in my exceptions talk is the checked keyword in C#. This basically emits an add.ovf opcode, rather than an add opcode. add.ovf will throw an OverflowException if the operation...overflows. Now, later on in the talk I demonstrate my ExceptionFinder add-in for Reflector, and I showed all of the exceptions that can be thrown from one of the constructors on Guid. It's always bothered me that the documentation says it can throw an OverflowException, but my analysis never found it.

Then my brain woke up: I realized that opcodes can also throw exceptions, but I wasn't including that in my analysis. As soon as I realized this, I felt really stupid, but at least I remembered it!

So...I'm currently adding some code to the add-in to check each opcode and add exceptions to the list that the Partition docs says the opcode might throw. This is more work than I thought, but it's needed. It would've been really nice (hint, hint, MS BCL documentation writers!) if the exceptions listed in the Partition docs were also listed as <exception> elements in the XML comment section. That would've saved me a ton of work because then I wouldn't have to add that all in myself. The exceptions are listed in the .NET docs, but they're not listed explicitly.

Anyway, I'm hoping that when I get this all in place I'll finally have OverflowException in the Guid constructor listed as a documented and found exception.

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