Searching for Malware (?)

Yesterday I spent some time updating the TCLangUG site. Specifically, I wanted to add links to other UGs in the area that were language-focused. So, I searched for "twin cities user group" (without the quotes), and I got this:

I've never seen that "this site may harm your computer" link before. I clicked on it, and it told me that I could click on the site link to get to a page that would tell me more information about why Google thought it was dangerous. OK, so now I click on the link to the site to see what Google thinks is wrong with it, and when I went to the diagnostics page it said that it still had "suspicious content" as of 7/31/2008.

At this point, I'm not sure what to do. Do I go to that site? Is it safe? Is Google "right" in its analysis? For now, I didn't add the link. It's kind of nice that Google adds this service, although I wonder how many false positives it gets. On a related note, I tried the same search on, and it doesn't seem to have this "malicious-site" warning capability.

* Posted at 08.06.2008 08:24:28 AM CST | Link *

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