I've never been a big fan of jewerly. That said, I wear four rings, but they all have a lot of meaning for me (a wedding ring, my Dad's wedding ring, and a ring for Hayden and Ryan). What I never got was the I-need-a-huge-rock-for-an-engagement-ring mindset. Liz designed her own ring and she didn't go with a diamond. Part of the reason was she liked the look of the red stone she picked and part of it was the outrageous cost of diamonds (we weren't willing to spend all that money on a ring). This article gets into some of the political reasons not to buy diamonds. I wouldn't take those statements at face value, but from what I've read before I generally agree that the diamond industry, for lack of a better term, sucks.

I remember watching a show on diamonds and how researchers are able to make "fake" diamonds where 99.99% of people would never be able to tell it's a "fake", and yet the diamond industry is so keen on saying, "well, it's a fake, so that means you don't love your significant other as much". Whatever. If I didn't have my Dad's ring (which has 3 diamonds in it) I wouldn't have any diamonds at all. They're just worthless in my mind. Meaning, you could replace the diamonds in it with fakes and it wouldn't take away the symobolic meaning I have when I look at the ring. It reminds me of my Dad; the diamonds have nothing to do with it.

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