10.24.2002 12:00 PM

APOD had a beautiful picture of M31 (the Andromeda Galaxy) a couple of days ago - check it out.

I was watching Nova last night - they had an interesting show on artifical diamonds. They showed a program that DeBeers gemologists use to identify artifical diamonds (such as inclusions) but the funniest thing was at one point they showed the program crashing! Remember that white dialog box that would come up in older versions of Windows, telling you that a general protection fault has occurred? It happened during this program (twice!) but the Nova editors didn't pick up the fact that the program wasn't acting very nice and included it anyway (you have to watch for it as it occurs during a musical interlude where a number of scenes are piece-mealed together). The great thing is that the program would just restart where it left off - the gemologists looked like they were so used to it happening as they would just click a button in the dialog box and act like nothing bad happened.

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