Flagged Links #69

It's been a while since I did this...

"My History of Visual Studio" - This is a truly fascinating insider's view on VS.

"Windows Virtual PC now on MSDN" - Just in case you're running W7 and need VPC.

"Halo 3 - Drag Racing" - This is a great custom H3 map. I've played it and it's a riot.

"Static Reflection - Lambdas as Data" - I still want methodof, propertyof, etc. But lambdas do the trick.

"Replaced BigInteger implementation with a faster one" - This is really interesting, especially if you're looking to use BigInteger in .NET 4.0.

"Nine Workspaces Where Famous Folks Get Stuff Done" - Interesting to see the different work environment. To me, cleaner is better.

"Zero Punctuation: Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5" - This time, Zero takes on the Beatles.

"Checked exceptions I love you, but you have to go" - I agree. The concept is interesting, but it really doesn't help out in the end.

"Booting Windows to a Differencing Virtual Hard Disk" - Great VPC information.

"NCover and NUnit Can Play Nicely on x64" - Nice, 64-bit is the way to go.

"Bringing The Heat With Dynamic" - Dynamic coding in C# is getting more and more airplay these days.

"Running an Event on the Cheap" - This has great information for those looking to run an event.

"Pushing the Limits of Windows: Handles" - Mark always has great hardcore information on Windows.

"Ruining your Test Automation Strategy" - The more automation, the better.

"Type Forwarding" - Very nice article on a not-so-known (but useful) feature in .NET.

"Performance Counters Added to MassTransit" - Adding performance counters is a great and easy way to add monitoring for your application.

"Throw your code away" - Prototypes are throwaways. If they end up being production products (which is fairly likely) that's a FAIL.

"Huge black holes video" - Nice video on some gargantuan black holes.

"Five Myths about Managed Code" - Self-explanatory.

"Delegate Mapper" - Slick way to aggregate delegates.

"The CPU Clock principle of software releases" - An interesting way to mix interative development with timed releases.

"Learning Things of Lasting Value" - I don't agree with everything Kurt says (especially the commentary on Unix) but it's thought-provoking.

"Leveraging data annotation attributes in CSLA .NET" - The more I play with CSLA, the better it looks.

"Initially Turning on FxCop/Code Analysis for a Large Code Base" - My view is turn it on as soon as you can.

"Pex v0.17.41006.7 : More Moles and Bug Fixes" - I am truly grooving on Pex, Stubs and Moles and related technologies. Very powerful stuff here.

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