Sad Commute

This morning I was driving into work and about half-way through my commute on 169 I noticed a cop car with its lights on off to the side of the road where an exit lane starts. Not unusual, but there was no car in front of the cop. That's not unusual either, but then I saw a car up the exit ramp with a woman standing next to it.

Now, remember, I'm driving around 60 MPH and I don't like to gawk when I drive, so I couldn't figure out what was going on, but then I noticed a white truck getting on the offramp and suddenly veering a bit to avoid...hitting a dog. This dog was on the offramp and was completely terrified. I don't know if the woman owned the dog or what, but this dog was scared out of its wits. By this time I had driven past the dog, but I looked in my rearview window and the dog make the unfortunate decision to run into traffic.

You can imagine what happened next.

That upset me. I mean, animals get hit all the time on roads. I actually hit a cat when I was about 18 and I'm a cat-lover (but that didn't upset me because it was late at night and I didn't want to get into a roll-over accident to avoid a cat running right into my path). But seeing a dog get smashed is just not something I want to see every morning when I drive into work.

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