"24" Has Lost It

I was kind of wondering where "24" would go this year. I've been a follower since season 1, and I've always found it entertaining. This year, it (literally) started with a huge bang and I was kind of interested to see where it would go after the nuke went off in LA, but frankly, it's becoming far too ridiculous to watch. I realize that I have to suspend my disbelief when I view a show, but this year is way too over the top. They've pretty much done every terrorist scenario known, they're repeating their own ideas ("hey, let's get the President out of power...again!") and you know Jack will never die, so there's no situation he'll be in where he'll get killed. And in a previous episode, they dropped a huge hint about what the rumored "24" movie is going to be about, and I found that to be kind of stupid.

That's the fun of television. When something starts sucking badly, just stop recording it :).

* Posted at 03.29.2007 06:30:57 AM CST | Link *

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