Final PGR2 Ring Time

When Liz and Hayden went to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, I tried to improve my Ring time in PRG2. Here's what I accomplished:

This is it - 6:03.467. This last time it only took me an hour or so to shave off 0.5 seconds off my previous time. I know I could probably break 6 minutes if I spent more time on it (there's sections of my run where a couple of turns could be improved), but that's the problem. I can spend an hour or so playing PGR2 with my friends, but spending a lot of time making minor improvements in my time is just not feasible anymore. In a month or so, I'll get the XBox 360 and I found out that the Ring is in PGR3 as well, so I'll try to see what new time I can post once I get it. So, I'm done with improving my Ring time.

It's kind of fun knowing that my time is in the top 250 of the world. When I first started racing the Ring, I could never break 6:15. After spending lots of time fine-tuning my turns and shifting, I was able to knock off 12 seconds. Granted, the best PGR2 racer has a 5:54, so I have lots of room for improvement, but I can't fathom how he pulled it off. Nevertheless, I'm happy with my time.

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