Hayden's Latest Haircut

Ever since Hayden's hair got long enough to cut, he's fought it. Not that he wants long hair, he just doesn't like getting it cut. The last time we tried he freaked out. Part of it may have been the clippers that one of our neighbors lets us use - it was really loud this time. So I ended up buying a professional trimmer and we tried it yesterday.

Worked like a charm.

Of course, I had to let him cut daddy's hair first. So he spent some time moving it all over my head when it was on (and of course it's not cutting anything because I shave my head anyway). And then I had to trim it while he was sitting on my lap, so there was hair everywhere. But he never fought me, never cried - in fact he seemed to enjoy it. I have pictures at home - I'll post them later tonight.

It's the little victories that matter.

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