Flagged Links #65

"Is Software Development Hard?" - Depends on how you define "hard".

"Code Reviews" - I'm not a big fan of the long, boring code reviews, but in short bursts they can be effective.

".NET 4: Monitor.Enter replaced by Monitor.Enter" - A subtle but interesting change to the emitted code for lock.

"Type-Free Lambda Calculus in C#, Pre-4.0 – Defining the Lambda Language Runtime (LLR)" - Bart's blog is quickly becoming on of my favorite brain-melting blogs.

"Big Bang Theory, the video (but not that one)" - Nice overview of the origin of the universe.

"What Would You Ask Steven Anderson?" - For some reason I'm expecting a Haggard-like result with this character. If you're interested, the interview is now posted here.

"Michele Bachmann’s Solution to the Health Care Crisis" - I'm embarrased to say that she represents our country in government.

"ETW Introduction and Overview" - I've never heard of ETW until this article - interesting.

"Infer.NET 2.3" - I'm not quite sure what this does, but it sounds interesting.

"Actually, it's NOT okay" - Snarky, but nice.

"Here's our problem" - Sad to see that people would refuse to change based on the truth.

"8 techniques to find problems in your unit tests within 30 seconds" - Good heuristics to use to ensure your unit tests won't unexpectedly blow up in the future. I don't agree with all of them (especially the one about concurrency) but they're there to at least catch some potential issues.

"How to sound like a Parallel Programming Expert" - Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 - Just in case you need a quick primer on concurrency.

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