Hayden's First Haircut

Last night we gave Hayden his first haircut. I tried to use clipper I use to trim my beard or goatee (when I'm growing it out), but the cord wasn't connecting right and the thing was dying on me, halfway through the trim! Liz quickly called a neighbor that has a bunch of razors they use to trim their son's hair, so we ended up using that. Actually, we first tried one from him that cut Hayden's hair too short, but I noticed it right away and switched to one that was pretty quiet and did the job well. Hayden wasn't happy - he was pretty much screaming the whole time. Our neighbor's have a nice, quiet one that barbers use, and Hayden didn't mind that as much, but he still wasn't happy. The results are...mixed. It doesn't look bad, but it's a little uneven at spots. Oh, well, it's cheaper than going to a barber.

* Posted at 08.24.2006 06:31:02 AM CST | Link *

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