The Disaster That Almost Was

While I think my presentation last night went well, it came close to being a disaster. Let me recap the events.

First, I left my house around 5 PM, thinking that even though it was the evening rush hour, I would be able to get to the St. Thomas campus in 75 minutes to get some pizza. At the very worst, I'd be there by 6:30 when the presentation would start. Well (to paraphrase Homer Simpson), I was close, but way off on my estimate. I got to the auditorium a couple of minutes late. The traffic was horrendous, and by the time I got off the highways, I hit every red light possible.

Second, when I finally get there, I'm thinking, well, I'm not that late, only a couple of minutes, so, no harm, no foul, right? Unfortunately, another curve ball is thrown my way. I asked the organizer if there would be a projector that I could hook my laptop into a day before the presentation, and he said there would be. Well, there was a projector in the old projector that you couldn't hook a laptop through. Oh, boy, this is not good. I really wanted to demonstrate tools like Nant and NUnit, and now I wouldn't be able to do it. But I quickly realized that I had no choice - I had to keep going and give the best talk I can, even if I couldn't show anything to the group.

Fortunately, my agile talk is a lot of me going on and on about my experiences with the agile methodology, so I really didn't need a projector. Also, they eventually found a projector by the time I hit the demo part of my slides, so I could show the audience all the tools I've used. In the end, people told me that they really liked the presentation, and they were laughing at my jokes (or at least they were laughing because my jokes weren't funny - either way, they were laughing, and that's what counts). I've also discovered where I can trim the talk down. Both times I've given this presentation I've rushed the ending because I get a lot of questions during the talk, and now I know what sections can go at the beginning of the talk.

So, it went well, and if you missed my last blog entry, you can get the slides plus code here.

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