Rush: Replay X3

Yesterday I got a nice surprise delivered to our doorstep: a copy of Rush's old concert videos on DVD. Granted, unless you're a die-hard Rush fan you may not find the need to get 'em...but being the die-hard fan I watched all three last night. I used to have these videos on VHS and I would watch them over and over and over when I was younger. The thing I remember most is Neil's drum sets - they were always so freakin' huge. Tons and tons of drums everywhere - that's the set I wanted when I got older (and I'm still working on it :) ). I realized last night that I'm a Trekkie of sorts (kind of like a Rushkie) in that I knew all these little details about the shows ("hey, this is where Alex gets Neil to crack up in 'The Spirit of the Radio' and Neil screws up a bit", "hey, this is where they break out the double-neck guitars for 'Xanadu'", "hey, this is where Count Floyd comes on the screen to introduce 'The Weapon'"). Liz thought I was sad, but cute :). It was annoying to see these old videos because there's a couple of sections where they playing doesn't match what you're hearing (e.g. Neil is playing the hi-hat but you can clearly hear cymbal crashes) or you can tell the concert is piece-mealed from a couple of shows (watch the ending medleys on "A Show of Hands" and watch as Alex's guitar turns from black, to white, to black, to white...). But that's me being a serious musical geek. I'm so glad Rush released these videos on DVD - they look good (especially considering how old they are), and they sound really good too.

Tomorrow we leave for Oregon for a family reunion. It should be "interesting" having Hayden on a nearly 4-hour flight to Portland, and then a 1-hour flight to Medford. But it'll be worth it - we can't wait for people that haven't been able to see him yet get to interact with him.

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