Quixo Improvements

I'm currently trying to tweak my Quixo game. I moved it to 2.0 a month ago (refactoring to using generic collections in place of type-safe 1.x collections, etc.), and for the past couple of days I've been playing with changing the representation of the board to a long and twiddling the bits to get and set board piece values. I just got all of my tests to pass again, and here's the results:

  • 1.1 Timing: 36.44
  • 2.0 Timing: 21.32
  • 2.0 Timing (Using Bit-Twiddling): 16.83

Basically I've cut the time that the "smart" engine takes to process a move in half. I'm pretty happy with that. The next step is to get engines do their next move calculation on a background thread so the UI can be more responsive, but that's for another day...

* Posted at 04.27.2006 09:10:55 PM CST | Link *

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