"Lost" Season Finale

What the hell? Are Eko and Locke dead (I doubt it - they never explained Locke's paralysis in a flashback and I think that's a key plot point)? Is the hatch completely destroyed? If so, did Charlie get out before or after the failure? Why did the Others pick those 4 people, but then they gave Hurley up? What are they going to do with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer? Is Mike going to get the judgement he deserves? Why the fake beards? What's with this electromagnetic thingamajig? Did they really find the Question Mark a couple of episodes ago? What about the black mist? What's with a bird calling Hurley's name? Why did the message logs in the tubes go to a dumping area? Why is Desmond's ex-girlfriend still trying to find Desmond via two guys in some cold, desolate area waiting to detect electromagnetic disturbances? What's with the massive broken statue with a foot with four toes?

At least you get an explanation for how the plane was destroyed - it probably got caught in the electromagnetic field that was generated because Desmond was late to push the button. I also wonder if they're going to do a Battlestar Galatica and jump ahead a bit in time when next season starts up. I doubt it, but right now they're living in Nov. or Dec. 2004, because they've only been there 60 or 70 days and they crashed in Sept. 2004. If they keep going at such a slow pace the actors may age too fast (especially Walt, which makes me wonder if that's why they're getting him off the show, or what looked like they're getting him off the show since Mike and Walt are taking the boat to be "rescued").

I liked the ending, but I actually liked last season's ending a lot better. All I have to say is, when they finally finish this show, they better tie everything together and explain just what in the hell this island is all about.

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