Bad Day Today

Liz had it rough today. She's been fighting a bad cold for days now, and it really hit her hard this morning. Then, Ryan started to scream and fuss and wouldn't stop. She took him into the doctor's office in the morning and it seems like we have to up his meds that stop his reflux (Hayden had the same thing too). Hayden was a good boy all day but I guess he had it with following directions at the end because he refused to clean up his toys, no matter what I did. We finally said, "that's it, you're going to bed." He wasn't happy about it, but at some point taking away every toy he has isn't going to work. It seems like Ryan is doing better - he had a fever earlier this evening so we're still monitoring that. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Before I hit the hay, here are some pictures of Hayden's new bed:

Liz took that last picture after he fell asleep last night - it was too cute to pass up.

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