I Feel Like We're Moving

For the last two days I've been moving furniture into the unfurnished part of our lower level in preparation of the carpet guys who are coming Saturday. I also plan on cleaning the carpets when they're done so I'm trying to clear as much floor space as I can. The rooms look so bare now - it seems like we're packing up and moving away. Which we're not, of course...it just has that appearance. And man, am I tired! Tomorrow I only have 3 pieces of furniture that I'll need a neighbor's help with and then on Sunday it's back to moving things where they belong. The nice thing about this is that it's leading to another massive clean-up endeavour as I'll probably dump/sell a bunch of my books and other crap that I really don't need to keep around anymore.

* Posted at 07.07.2005 10:08:56 PM CST | Link *

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