Upcoming Changes

As much as I like the fact that I can blog from anywhere (so long as I can view my adminstration page online), I'll continue to use my rich client-side tool as it's so much easier to edit the post. Anyway...there's a couple of things I should mention. I updated my ExceptionDialog code so that the reporting piece is now a control in its own right, so you can drop the control anywhere you want and see detailed exception information without having to open another form. The form is still there, but now you have the ability to use either a control or a form. Note that I've changed the namespace to ExceptionViews as it makes more sense that way. The new drop is here. I also updated my extensible compiler for .NET - the new drop is here. This was done to support the new build of FxCop, which is 1.32. I'm also going to change the web site around a bit. The Archives side panel is going to be vastly modified. I'll group it by year, rather than by month (although the old month links will still work). I'm thinking of adding a Recent Comments panel there as well, showing recent comment information. Other assorted blog goodness will pop over there as well. All in good time...

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