Yesterday's "Macho Movie" was "Doomsday". Basically it was about a virus that kills a lot of people in Scotland, so that area is quaranteened. Years later, the virus pops up again in London, but the government has been hiding the fact that survivors exist in the quaranteened zone, so a bunch of military personnel are sent in to try and find a cure.

What follows after that is a mess.

Now, don't get me wrong. This is definitely a great "macho" movie. Lots of ridiculous violence, great action sequences, and so on. But, even though I didn't set my standards high for this flick, I still was expecting something good since this was directed by the guy who did "The Descent", which is not just a great horror film but a great film in general. This seemed like a potporri of rehashed movies, like "Mad Max", mideveal films (some shots made me wonder if I was watching "The Lord of the Rings") and political corruption themes. Again, nothing wrong with that, but it seemed too disjointed for my tastes.

Decent action film, and I had a good time watching it...and that's about it.'

BTW, there were some interesting trailers. "The Incredible Hulk"...dunno, the jury's still out on this one. "The Strangers"...that creeped me out. I loved the scene where Liv is just standing in the room and somebody slowing walks out of a hallway behind here wearing a freaky mask, but he (she?) just stands there and doesn't move, and she doesn't see him. That was powerful - you know they're in the house and they're just effing with them. I think I may want to see that one when it hits the theaters...

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