The concourse Network Isn't Free

Well, I was able to get on to the wireless network at the Twin Cities airport, but it isn't free. I'm not going to pay 7$ to be online for about an hour, so I'll have to wait until I get to the hotel and see if it has connectivity there to post this entry. It kind of sucks because I wanted to do some final touch-ups on my presentation tonight in Ft. Worth, TX, but that will have to wait until this afternoon. I'm really excited to talk about metadata - I think we'll have some interesting discussions about attributes. If you're a .NET developer living in the Ft. Worth area, feel free to stop tonight.

It's interesting to note that the Twin Cities airport now has e-parking. You give your credit card to a machine at the entry and exit gates, and you're automatically billed. I'm sure they have alterative routes if you want to pay with cash, but here's another job that (as my wife noted) technology has...well, not "eliminated", just reassigned the responsibility. True, the personnel that used to sit at the exit gates to take your money probably don't have their job anymore, but there's also some developers that got to work on an interesting system to streamline the parking process.

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