This is Becoming Humorous and Scary

I thought that the Discovery's Institute blog [1] would be humorous, and it's living up to my expectations. Apparently, they don't get the difference between real and imaginary controversy. See, it's one thing if there was something horrendously wrong with the foundation of evolutionary theory; it's another thing if a group wants to indoctrinate America's youth with their beliefs by using the ID wedge approach and make it appear that there's tons of controvery over evolution. They need to get their facts straight: the only controversy they're cooking up is in their own heads.

I also like the following quotes:

There were some blogs cheering Behe's piece as well, most prominently the Evangelical Outpost.

The Evangelical Outpost? Is anyone surpised that a Christian blog would cheer Behe's ramblings?

Behe's op-ed was the number two most e-mailed article from the Times' website yesterday.

I'm assuming he meant that it #2 for yesterday and only yesterday. How does this number hold up to other e-mailing statistics that the Times has throughout their history? One day being #2 does not necessarily make it a huge story - we need more (wait for it!) facts before the statistic has any relevance or meaning.

Who says there's no controversy?

I do, along with millions of others who find no problem with the facts stated in evolutionary theory.

As much as I'd like to laugh, though, I get concered every day over the growing religious ideology in America. Dubya has made it clear that he thinks only a Christian could be President. There is increased pressure at the public schools to throw away scientific principles and package up the wonders of the universe with a simple "God did it!" worldview. This is not good.

[1] Yes, I know about the disclaimer on the blog that "Discovery Institute does not necessarily endorse any of the opinions or views presented in this blog." They don't seem to be shutting it down either.

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