Back to Work

I finally returned to work today. Of course, caring for young kids is more than a job in itself - I'm not trying to insult stay-at-home parents. Yesterday we got Hayden's new room all set up. It was kind of a fustercluck because I had to make two runs to Babies-R-Us to get the furniture, and I couldn't make the 2nd run until later in the day (I was borrowing a neighbor's truck). Since we had Hayden geared up to sleep in his new room, I just broke down his current crib and put it in his new room. We got the exact same furniture for Ryan that Hayden has so he'll never know (unless he reads this blog post in the future). As I was sitting at the store, I noticed that some of the products seem to focus on the "mom" of the relationship. "Trusted by moms". "Approved by moms". What the hell - do they think the fathers don't give a rat's ass about their kid's safety and well-being when it comes to car seats and strollers? Sheesh, how sexist!

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