What's the Big Fracking Deal With "Revenge of the Sith"?

Maybe it's because today didn't start out well (technical issues with my laptop and its setup and how it works at the client - never mind, it's fixed, and things are better now), so I'm in a little bit of an annoyed mood. So I see people posting about the latest "Star Wars" movie, and I have to think, "what is the big deal?" I never got in to the first three (or now they're 4 though 6, I guess...), and the last two completely sucked rocks. Yeah, they have good fight scenes, but I left both movies with a very empty feeling, like I was going to get a really nice dinner and all I got was a small side salad with limp lettuce. The new one (please, Lukas, let the series die!) seems better, but, really, what do you need to know, other than Anakin becomes Vader, which everybody knew anyway? Maybe they'll reveal that Obi Wan is Anakin's father (which I guess he couldn't because aren't Jedis celibate? but maybe that's why Anakin becomes evil because he has Obi's "getting-jiggy-wit-it" genes, or midiaclaurians, or whatever the hell they called those things that are the essence of the Force). I don't know. I don't care either.

I can easily wait for this to become rentable. Of course, having Hayden makes it tougher to go to the theater, but even if he wasn't around I wouldn't bother going. And remember, folks, this was all opinion so put your plastic light sword thingee down before you rip me a new on in a comment.

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