Reflection Bug in .NET 2.0? By-Ref Generic Arguments Are Not Reported As a Generic Argument

Consider the following method:

public virtual void ByRefArgument<T>(int arg1, T arg2, ref T arg3)

Now, I wrote some code to get this method as a MethodInfo. I rip through the parameters via GetParameters(), and I found what appears like a bug. I get the Type via the ParameterType property, and here are the relevent property values on each type:

arg1, FullName = "System.Int32", IsByRef = false, IsGenericParameter = false
arg2, FullName = null, IsByRef = false, IsGenericParameter = true
arg3, FullName = null, IsByRef = true, IsGenericParameter = false

Notice the bolded text? The parameter type isn't viewed as being a generic parameter, when it clearly is. I can use the fact that FullName is null when the parameter type is a generic, but this feels really wrong.

I'll check the Microsoft bug tracking tool to see if this has been reported before. If not, I'll submit it.

* Posted at 10.26.2006 08:46:17 PM CST | Link *

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