iPhone Deployment - Yuck

So yesterday I decided to try and see what it would take to get my app actually deployed on a iPhone.


I didn't have the dev cert on my machine, although I did pay for the SDK. OK, so where do I go to get the dev cert? I've been frantically going through Apple's site, trying to find out where I can get my dev cert, but to no avail.

Frankly, I find this whole procedure abhorrent. People put down MS all the time, but if you want to write stuff in .NET you can do it all for free, even Compact Framework stuff. And I'm not the only one who thinks this as well.

Nothing has been a red flag for me developing on a Mac...until this. Why Apple is being so restrictive in letting developers create and deploy cool stuff to the iPhone boggles my mind.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I got a "Vibrant Ink" look going on in Xcode. I'm not sure where those custom Fonts and Colors theme settings are stored, but if I can find it (or if someone can tell me) I'll post the file on my site.

* Posted at 09.24.2008 09:21:23 AM CST | Link *

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