Flagged Links #56

"Zero Punctuation: Ghostbusters: The Video Game" and "Zero Punctuation: Overlord 2" - Double your Zero pleasure.

"Halo 3 Mythbusters Episode 11" - More Halo3 oddities proven or busted.

"Bart’s Control Library – Not What You Think It Is" - Part 0, Part 1, and Part 2 - This is making my brain fold back upon itself. Some incredibly insane (and cool) .NET programming ideas lay within those who dare to follow the links.

"Fly the naked skies" - This took me a while to realize how clever the vid is (and it is SFW).

"Expert to Expert: Brian Beckman and Erik Meijer - Inside the .NET Reactive Framework (Rx)" - It's a lot of technical details, but at the end of the day it's a cool reversal of IEnumerable<T>.

"SocketShifter - Network virtualization over the .NET Service Bus" - A nice addition to the .NET service bus.

"Color Color" - Language details can get really twisted.

"Iterator Blocks, Part Two: Why no ref or out parameters?" - I just ran into this issue at work - it's a good writeup of why it's not supported.

"Microsoft.Scripting.Debugging" - Debugging for DLR-based languages!

"Using Expression when creating runtime types" - This is sweet - I have to spend more time with 4.0 stuff (especially Expressions) very soon.

"Pushing the Limits of Windows: Process and Threads" - Great information on these two core members of Windows programs.

"2012: It's a Disaster!" - Awesome rework of the upcoming disaster porn movie.

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