FileGenerator For .NET 2.0

I've made some changes to ExceptionViews and FileGenerator - this screen shot sums it up:

Basically, I'm incorporating the ExceptionViews control to show all file generation exception information. I've also removed the list box and put everything into the tree view on the ExceptionViews control. There's a security problem in that I can't copy the selected exception to the clipboard so that's why the Copy Exception button is always disabled. I'll figure out something in the future.

There are two major features I want to put into FileGenerator:

  • Add a VS .NET 2005 project file generator. This should be pretty easy as the project files are just MSBUILD files (I believe) and so they're just XML documents.
  • Have an option to create a better directory structure when the files are generated. Basically, created subdirectories based on the class's namespace. I'll still support the current "dump every file into the given directory" but I personally want this option (of course, I'll make sure the project file finds all the files no matter where I put them)

Hopefully in the next week or so (when time permits) I'll get these features done. For now, you can find the code drops for FileGenerator here and ExceptionViews here. Enjoy!

* Posted at 10.27.2005 09:18:49 PM CST | Link *

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