Misuse of Implicit Conversion

A while ago I posted about implicit conversions. One of the comments correctly pointed out that I was misusing implicits in the case where a conversion would cause an exception. That should be an explicit conversion. But if I did that:

public static explicit operator Percentage(decimal value)
    return new Percentage(value);

Then my code looks ugly again:

Program.Report((Percentage)10m, (Percentage)20m);

In fact it actually looks worse that the code does without any conversions, implicit or explicit (in my opinion):

Program.Report(new Percentage(10m), 
   new Percentage(20m));

I'm not saying implicit and explicit conversions are wrong, and I agree that I was misusing them. Sometimes you can use tricks that are too cute for their own good :)

* Posted at 06.09.2008 09:55:43 AM CST | Link *

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