Last "Word" on the Election

OK, I'm in a better mood today. Bush is the next president. I don't like it - in fact, I hate it - but what's done is done. But I have to do one more thing before I let this issue go.

Here's what Bush thinks of the "American People":

Here's my response:

Two fingers! Oh, yeah, Bush, how do you like me now? Suck it, Bush! [1]

[1] The previous picture and comments are good-natured jabs at what Bush did in the video I linked to. I'm really not telling Bush to "suck it". It is not a terrorist threat. I'm not gay so I'm not really asking Bush to "suck it" (although given the direction that the voters had two days ago any sexual act between two consenting males will be outlawed fairly soon [2]).

[2] That comment is meant to be sarcastic. Don't have a cow, man! [3]

[3] My apologies to Bart Simpson.

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