I Wanna Go Home...I'm Tired and I Want to go to (My Own) Bed...

I'm beat. I've been in CA for nearly two weeks now, and while life is good I'm glad I'm going home tomorrow. I miss my wife. I miss my house. I miss my cats. I know, life could be so much harder than it is, but I bought a house for a reason: to live it in! Of course, to pay for a house, one needs income, so...well...have laptop, will travel.

I wanted to get a lot of work done on my books, but it was not to be, although I wasn't completely unproductive. I'm almost finished with Chapter 1 on a small .NET book I'm working on with sombody else (along with an appendix that contains material from the first chapter that just didn't fit). I stayed up way too late trying to figure out the format of a SerString as I couldn't find a formal definition of PackedLen anywhere in the Partition docs. Fortunately, someone at MS showed me the way/light/truth today, so I can finish the material over the weekend. The "Exploring .NET" hasn't died - it's just in a state of temporary limbo. Hopefully that will get finished up real-soon-now.

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