Error Messages in UI Applications

This is a good example for making sure you test out UI systems, especially if the application is going to be the only one running on the machine and will take over the entire viewable space. Once (a long time ago) I went up to a kiosk machine (can't remember what it was for) and getting a Windows-like error message to pop up on the screen. At the time it made me laugh, but I'd hate to be the one to explain why a screen was showing a virus warning when flights were being cancelled left and right [1].

[1] Yes, I know the cancellations over the recent holiday season was due to weather, but you know how pointy-haired bosses communicate information like this down to the lowly developers. " you explain to me how our scheduling system got a virus?...Yeah...did that have anything to do with the weather?...Yeah...I'll need you to come in on Saturday to fix that...mmmm...yeah...OK?...So if you could go ahead and do that...that would be great..."

* Posted at 12.29.2004 11:41:19 AM CST | Link *

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