10.02.2002 11:53 PM

I think I just hit what looks like a very weird bug in .NET, but I'm too tired to sort it all out tonight. Here's the jist of it. I was playing out with Reflection, and I had a VB .NET class implement a C# interface and another VB .NET interface. One method in the VB .NET class was implementing a method from the C# and VB .NET interface. When I tried to load that type via GetType(), it threw an exception.

I immediately ran PEverify on my VB .NET assembly, and I was getting an IL error on my type. The funny thing was, I had an AssemblyCulture attribute in my C# assembly (en-US), which, if I took it out and recompiled my VB .NET assembly, PEverify doesn't choke on it anymore. But I'm still not able to load it via Reflection!

I haven't spent enough time to determine if it's just me or there's bug in the compiler I found. After I get some sleep I'll try to isolate it and see just what the problem is. I'll give more details later - stay tuned...

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