No More Books

Richard states that he will no longer write books. I don't blame him. Personally, I really don't see the point right now to write a book or in the near future. The 90s are done and over with, and that includes the book writing opportunities. I just don't see a reason to spend so much time writing on something that just doesn't have a great R.O.I. As I've stated many times before, book writing can make a nice check, but I know of few people that have written technical books that can do it for a living. I can't. I've been scared to calculate the time I spent writing my CIL book (and I can because I wrote a diary about it, which includes the hours spent working on the book) relative to the amount of money I made on it (trust me, it's really not that much!). I love writing, but there are better ways to get the writing bug out of my system without having to commit something to dead trees where I can't correct or evolve it.

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