Randy Pausch, RIP

The "Last Lecture" guy passed away. I wasn't too surprised by this. I had been visiting his site off and on and his last update was not that encouraging - his tumor marker count was really skyrocketing.

Still, it's sad. I don't know the guy personally, I've only watched bits and pieces of his lecture, but I give the guy credit for fighting so hard. Being a father, his death resonates with me in that I would feel terrible leaving my sons behind at such a young age. But, as he said, you don't control the hand you're dealt - the only thing you can do is play it the best you can.

And, of course, when someone dies from a struggle with cancer, I'm reminded of my Dad, who dealt with it for the last 4 years of his life. Most people probably know someone close who has succumbed to cancer, and it's a terrible disease to die from. I hope there's a day when we can finally find a cure for cancer (or at least a way to manage it effectively).

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