Day 3 as a iPhone/Mac Developer

Today I've been able to make more progress on getting my multiview stuff to work. I'm still only getting the first view to show up, but that was a major achievement for me. Now that I know how to do it, things should start moving quicker.

I'm getting more familiar with Xcode's IDE. Deleting all breakpoints, getting used to the debugger, using Interface Builder more...I don't feel as lost as I did a couple of days ago.

I also realized that this:

if(aString == @"SomeValue")

doesn't work, but this:

if([aString isEqualToString:@"SomeValue"] == YES)

does. Well, it works the way I'd expect it to.

I'm still getting used to the bracket syntax to send messages.

* Posted at 09.12.2008 02:31:59 PM CST | Link *

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