Flagged Links #17

"Automated Antenna Design" - An oldie but a goodie on evolving designs to come up with unexpected outcomes that perform better than anything humans have come up with.

"MD* Best Practices" - Something to keep on the backburner in case I get into DSLs and related concepts.

"Dealing with the Team System 2010 CTP expiration" - I'll definitely need to do this!

"Deep Green" - The article is interesting, but there's one line that I really like: "Figure out the absolute least you need to do to implement the idea, do just that, and then polish the hell out of the experience.".

"It's A Dirty Job, And I Love It!" - As Mike Rowe says, "the secret to career fulfillment is not to follow your passions, but to chase your opportunities." Exactly.

"WF 4.0 - the new runtime model" and "WF 4.0: Asynchrony and Persistence" - Great articles on WF 4.0.

"Consenting Adults and Public APIs " - Having a public API in a widely-used framework is not a simple choice. I wish some people would understand that...

"Changing Terms from Mocking Framework to Isolation Framework" - I'm all for this. I never liked the word "mocks" or "fakes". "Isolation framework" sounds so much better.

"Emo: Older Than You Think" - I might need this article later when my kids are teenagers. Plus, the cat picture is hilarious.

"Value types and parameterless constructors" - So you can do this...but not in C#; only in IL. All hail IL!

"Terminator Salvation Movie Trailer #2" - Check out the new trailer for the next Terminator movie.

"An airport-inspired puzzle" - A simple puzzle with some subtle twists.

"Bringing Up Baby" - I would've quit much earlier (assuming this story is true). It's sad to think individuals at corporations feel that they can get away with crappy behavior like this.

"Zero Punctuation: Left 4 Dead" - I haven't had time to watch this, but Zero Punctuation is always a hoot (and usually NSFW).

"Lego Robot Solves Rubik's Cubes - Yes, Really" - A Lego robot that solves the cube. Pure awesome!

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