A Fun Lunch

On Fridays the Magenic folk that are working for clients around the south-west side of Minneapolis get together for lunch. Today I decided to pick the brain of a guy who used to be a physics professor about things I've heard about in the news or in books (bubble fusion, fusion reactors, acoustics, etc.) but have little, if any, knowledge about. I'm always amazed at how much this guy knows, yet he's extremely friendly and very willing to talk about all sorts of different topics (especially science-based ones). I wish there were more people like him. There are too many smart people in the world who are pompous assholes and have no problem flaunting their arrogance. Not him.

Now if I can only get him to start blogging...that would be a cool blog to subscribe to!

* Posted at 03.25.2005 03:55:52 PM CST | Link *

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