iPhone Deployment == SUCKAGE

Today I've been trying to get my iPhone deployed on to an actual iPhone device.

It sucks.

You'd think you'd be able to compile and transfer the file to the device but OH NO, not on the mighty iPhone! You have to get a dev certificate, then get an appID, then do some provisioning, then throw some salt over your shoulder, click your heels three times and then hope beyond all measure that a build-and-go will simply work. To Apple's credit, the online docs are good, but it's an extremely cumbersome process. I'm currently stuck at the last step where I don't see the Code Signing Provisioning Profile option in the project build properties. Before I left for lunch I found some online articles from people who have run into the same thing and now that I'm back I'll keep digging. Overall, though, this process is abhorrent, and Apple would win over more developers if they could make it a very simple process to let them test their apps on an iPhone.

On a more positive note, Apple finally dumped the NDA for iPhone developers. It's about time!

* Posted at 10.01.2008 12:35:04 PM CST | Link *

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