Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory

Somebody sent me a video of a guy playing the demo version. It looks really good. I loved the first two SC games, because there was a lot more thinking involved than what goes on in Halo2. I never went online with SC2, but I probably will with SC3 (if I have the time, that is ;) ).

Speaking of Halo2, I'm done with it until they get the patches available for download. There's simply too much cheating going on. I've been in rooms where I've unloaded my guns on someone and he takes me out with one shot, and not because he lowered my shields with a plasma gun and not because he had the shotgun and not because he sniped me and not because he had an overshield. I've been in rooms where people blatantly cheat (even though Bungie is banning people - it's still happening. Check out this link for a recent game a friend of mine was in where someone clearly cheated). The game has lost it. I'll play with my friends in private games or do some rumble pits [1], but quite honestly it's become boring. The same games are always done online. I rarely see a territories or oddball game happen; it's always CTF on Headlong or Assault on Zanzibar. Boring, boring, boring! C'mon, Bungie, open it up, will you? Add variety to the game. Add the "Counterstrike" version to matchmaking. The repetiveness has driven me away (along with all the glitches and cheats).

[1] I also unplug my headpiece during one-on-one or rumble pit matches. As always the trash-talking from morons and idiots in Halo2 is beyond measure; I have more fun not hearing the perpetual vocal diarrhea.

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