Flagged Links #50

"Coding with Security Policy in .NET 4.0 – Implicit uses of CAS policy" - CAS is out, sandboxing is in.

"Code Review Tip: Using the ‘warning’ Preprocessor Directive" - I like this, especially since I always have "warnings as errors" on in my code.

"Why Is The Return Type Parameter Last?" - Ah, the consequences of choices.

"DynamicDataTable, Part 2" - A cool series on using dynamic types in C# to make DataTable-based code simple.

"The Case of the Slow Keynote Demo" - I love Mark's detective-like stories, and oddly enough, I ran into the same problem he did a year or two ago.

"Yet Another JavaScript Testing Framework" - Leave no line of code untested.

"'Methodist': Make .NET Reflector come alive with IronPython" - A really cood scripting add-in for Reflector.

"Zero Punctuation: Duke Nukem Forever" - This is one of the best Zero reviews ever - dripping with hilarious sarcasm.

"Regular Expressions, Your Job Requires Them" - I'm not sure I agree that they're "required" - I've been able to avoid them entirely until about a year ago. I do think they're important to learn, although tools like Expresso make them brain-dead simple to create.

"Vance Morrison: CLR Through the Years" - Great video on the history of the CLR.

"Dice-O-Matic" - A very cool way to randomly generate numbers.

"Homebrewed CPU Is a Beautiful Mess of Wires" - This is so very cool. The best way to learn is to build it yourself.

"Burnout" - Totally agree with everything in this post.

"10-4 Episode 14: Sentient DSLs" - If only this was true...because it isn't...right? ;)

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