A Very Estoeric ASP.NET Error

I have some free time tonight, so I'm working on updating the main site. Well, I just ran across one of the most bizarre errors I've ever seen, and I wanted to share it for historical purposes.

Up until tonight, my assembly was called OldName.dll. After some thought, I realized this wasn't the "right" name, so I change it to NewName.dll. But once I did this, my default.aspx page wouldn't load, and I'd get some really bizarre error about my Default class being defined twice. Huh? I checked my code base 15 times over, and...nope, I only had one definition of Default. So what the hell was going on?

Here's the problem. Since I still had OldName.dll and NewName.dll in my bin directory, the ASP.NET engine was getting confused since there were two Default classes, and it decided to puke on me. Now, why ASP.NET was still referring to OldName.dll when I definitely had no more use for it is a mystery, but once I cleaned out my bin directory, all was well with the world.

Whew! No back to coding while the live Transatlantic concert plays on my TV. I also have a wonderful glass of merlot wine by my side (which did not cause the problem in the first place, honest!).

* Posted at 09.17.2004 09:53:19 PM CST | Link *

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