Twin Cities Code Camp - HOT Prizes

I finally got around to posting a schedule of the sessions - click here for the details. I'm also shoring up the prize list, and man, you do not want to miss out on registering for this event! There will be a bunch of "little" early-bird giveaways - i.e. you get there early enough and you can get your pick of some free t-shirts and some pens. The big stuff will be given away at the end. There's an iPod Nano, 2 XBox 360s, free training, books, memory sticks - I am amazed at the generosity the contributors have shown. So, if you haven't signed up yet, sign up! The prizes are very nice, the speaker list is top-notch, there's free food, and it's all about code - what more could a developer ask for? OK, maybe a Dodge Viper...I'll work with the Shakopee dealership on that for the next code camp and see what I can do... ;)

* Posted at 10.30.2006 08:53:27 PM CST | Link *

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