Mathematica Web Services?

I had an odd thought yesterday driving home from the gym...

When I was in college I was a big user of Mathcad. I knew about Mathematica but I was used to Mathcad's interface. Anyway, Mathematica seems like it's the package to use these days, but then I thought, hey, wait, it's no longer 1994 (when I was in grad school), maybe Mathematica has opened access to their cool stuff via web services!

No such luck. I found this, but that's to access web services within Mathematica. There's nothing I could find to call Mathematica via a web service. But that would be pretty cool, wouldn't it? Use MathML or something like that, pass in your super-duper complex equation to Mathematica, and get your results back. Since Mathematica is a product there'd have to be some paid licensing agreements to using their stuff but at least you'd only have to pay for what you need when you need it, right?

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