Being away from a computer for a week really stinks. And then to find out that your anti-virus software wasn't working and you get a virus...man, that really sucks! Fortunately, that PC was pretty much e-mail only, although I lost some fairly important stuff (but I was able to salvage Quicken records, a major victory!). I really hate virus writers. I mean, I really hate virus writers.

Anyway, my CIL book has finally been published - my author copies came early last week. Whoo, hoo! I'll be posting the diary that I kept while I wrote the book in PDF format later this week. Robert, as I lost your snail-mail address could you send it again so I can send you a copy? The security book should be in my hands in a couple of weeks (I know, I know, a guy who writes a book on security gets a virus. Fine, go chuckle away at my expense!).

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